They called the company…Company?

A Letter From Our Founders

Yes, yes we did. The fact is, when you set aside our blatant disregard for SEO best practices, it’s actually a perfect name.

Our ambition is to build a curated vertical innovation campus that brings together remarkably talented people to accomplish great things. Embedded in that ambition is the belief that the “company” one keeps can be a major catalyst for success. Thus…a company called Company.

We just described what we are building as a “curated innovation campus.” That’s a lot of buzzwords in a row, we know. We wanted to take this opportunity to spell out what we mean by each of them.


As a Catalyst for Success

Exceptional new products and companies are rarely built on an island. In ecosystems where innovation thrives, the help that founders and teams receive from other talented founders, mentors and investors is often a key contributor to success. These relationships provide credibility, connectivity, domain expertise, and entrepreneurial experience, as well as access to capital and customers.

At Company, we use curation to bring together talented people committed to helping each other. Selecting our founders and companies based on these characteristics creates an incredibly powerful network that can catalyze success and drive outsized outcomes. This insight drove us to start Grand Central Tech five years ago and today sits at the core of Company’s founding vision.

As a Mechanism for Inclusion

If tight networks can create such a tangible advantage for entrepreneurs, then we feel it is important for these networks to promote inclusion and diversity.  Additionally, diverse perspectives and experiences can help entrepreneurs tap into new markets and opportunities and build more compelling products.

While curation of groups of people can often come off as exclusionary, if you look at our community, and the priorities of Company Impact, you’ll see that we have always embraced curation as a profound opportunity for inclusion and the value it can create.


Innovation may be the biggest buzzword of them all.  In certain corners of the economy, this word is sexy enough to drive stock prices and promotions.  In reality, innovating and introducing new products and services is hard whether you are a scrappy startup, novel non-profit, or an entrepreneurial initiative incubating within a global enterprise. The current landscape of innovation services (co-working, meetups, conferences, consulting firms, expert networks, etc.) is an inefficient hodgepodge.  We are building a better solution.

Company isn’t a co-working space that offers a real estate product and social environment.  We are a comprehensive approach to innovation infrastructure.

This means providing much more than a beautiful place to work. We offer world-class programming and events, support for recruiting and retaining talent, help with customer introductions, insight development, and more. Our holistic approach—centralized in one building—enables innovation to thrive with maximum efficiency.


The Company building is a true vertical campus, offering a comprehensive array of amenities and spaces to create a wonderful day-to-day experience for employees, and to bring together our community to share ideas, and benefit from proximity and spontaneous interaction. This means participants from across the “innovation spectrum” can provide the superior employee experience known to exist at the Googles and Facebooks of the world.

The fact is, regardless of the size or sector of the company, employees want to come to work each day in a vibrant, lovely environment that anticipates and addresses the needs of their personal lives (from mental wellness to intellectual stimulation) and their careers (interaction with other best and brightest from companies spanning industries and sizes). And that is precisely the kind of experience our campus delivers.


So there you have it—a curated innovation campus called Company. Our tagline is “Building with Purpose.” The word play is intentional.

A heartfelt thanks to all who have helped us on the long road to this exciting new chapter, especially our team.  Company wouldn’t exist without you.


Matt and Michael