This company wants to heat your home with energy from your own backyard

Photos by: Fast Company

Geothermal energy systems just got a whole lot cheaper—and it is thanks to Dandelion Energy challenging the status quo.

You can’t control the weather. Nor can you control the price of oil or propane. And these two variables make heating and cooling a home expensive and unpredictable—a potentially devastating combination for homeowners.

There is a solution, but until recently, it was out of reach for most families. A geothermal energy system heats and cools buildings by harvesting thermal energy, found in abundance 10 feet below the frost line. These systems can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 60 percent. But in the past, installing them was expensive and cumbersome.

Not anymore. With patented technology, equipment, and processes, Dandelion Energy, a New York-based home geothermal startup, makes it possible for people with more modest budgets and smaller backyards to access geothermal energy. President and co-founder Kathy Hannun shares what inspired the groundbreaking idea, as well as tips for cultivating innovation at your own organization.

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